Businessman Reveals How He Was Duped With Fake Money

As shared by Ogaezy:
I succeeded in purchasing a good laptop at ikeja computer village last week after a long time saving up. My sister helped me waybill it down to where I am which caused me a lot of stress because I had to stay up all night waiting for the waybill to arrive which did around 12:23pm late in the night.

I actually got the laptop at a good price and mind started telling me to resell it and make profit, I was also encourage to do so by my uncles too, maybe I can start trading like that, who knows. So I concurred, took pictures of the laptop and advertised it online, and almost immediately a call came in from Mr ACHO NDUBUISI who alleged he's a military officer serving in Enugu (Army).

After negotiation, we agreed on a price which I was happy about because of the profit I was going to make out of the deal... 

Mr ACHO wanted the laptop same day the advert went up which was on Friday 13th but told me that the nature of his job won't permit him to meet with me but rather suggested we meet in the evening of the next day been Saturday 14th at Okigwe which I agreed to. I got a call from him on Saturday at about 4:45pm that he's on his way to okigwe and that I should start coming. I went to the park and boarded a bus going to okigwe, before my bus took off it was almost night at about few minutes to 7o'clock, I wanted to cancel the appointment but I didn't want to disappoint this man I took the risk and arrived at Okigwe at almost 8pm.

I meet with Mr ACHO who went through the laptop(Hp 4530s) and asked if it's in good condition and I said yes, he paid me, I counted the money, it was complete and I hurried to board a bus back home because it was getting late already. Inside the bus I was having the feeling to check the money again but who counts huge cash if up-to 75k in a public transport when it's night already. I shook off the urge and got home, I didn't check the money again until Monday morning which was my mistake.

Monday morning, I hurried over my bath, and rushed to the bank to make the deposit into my account only for me to hear the cashier ask HIA, WHO GAVE YOU THIS MONEY OGA and WHERE DID YOU GET IT FROM, immediately I was confused, it was all fake currencies except for one note which was good but was placed ontop. I felt hot sweat leaving my body as I became so uncomfortable, I was referred to the branch manager who inspected the money all over again and affirmed to it FAKENNESS, I felt something like tears trying to obstruct my sight when I heard I was going to be arrested for circulation of fake currency. I explained everything to the manager who took pity on me and allowed me out of the bank.

I had to start calling Mr Acho only for him to deny that he never gave me fake 1000 naira note currencies in 75k pieces. I was shocked, after explaining everything to about my innocence in our deal he started threatening me, that I should come to Enugu so he can deal with me with his colleagues (Army), that I'm accusing him a Federal officer for giving me fake currencies.
Right now I'm in a state of mixed feelings but I decided to write this so you can learn from my mistake and also for people selling their wares online to be mindful of MR ACHO NDUBUISI and his likes who goes about to dupe people with fake currencies.

As for Mr Acho, I leave his case with God who judges rightly.