Chinese Firm Locks 30 Nigerian Staff In Premises For 3 Days

Are things like this still happening to Nigerians in their country? Workers at Centre South Construction Company (CSCC), in Ogun State on Monday protested their 72-hour incarceration by the management over a theft at its construction site.

The workers told NAN that over 30 workers were locked in at the firm’s three construction sites.

Their incarceration started on Friday and they were only set free on Monday morning.

According to NAN, CSCC, the Chinese firm handling the construction of Sango-Ota–Mowe Road, has three construction sites at Sango-Ota, Oke-Aro and Mowe in Ogun.

The illegal lock in, according to workers who were on weekend duty, was allegedly to prevent them from stealing the company’s property.

Workers said the management also put out electricity and water supply in the premises, prompting the stranded workers to rely on hawkers passing by the gate.

The workers told NAN that they were shocked when the management ordered that those on weekend duty should be locked in the three company’s premises on Friday.

They said they could not leave until the company’s senior officials resumed at 7am on Monday.

They wondered why innocent Nigerian worker in the three formations had to suffer for the theft of the company’s items which occurred at Sango-Ota.