Ex-Olympian Etim Bassey Is Broke, Fills Potholes In Lagos

Life can be so unpredictable if you don't work, pray and plan well. As you read this, the Efik Leadership Foundation (ELF) has begun a funding campaign on ‘gofundme’ to raise 5,000 Pounds for Cross River born ex-Olympian, Etim ‘Ironbar’ Bassey.

He now fills potholes in Ajah, Lagos, with the hope that good Nigerians will gift him some cash.

According to Cross River Watch, the ELF in a promotional statement for the campaign and signed by one Richard Duke, who is the Chairman, Board of Trustees, said the foundation aims at taking Mr. Bassey off the scorching sun and rehabilitate him.

“Bassey Ironbar needs our financial support. Bassey Ironbar was part of the famous Weightlifting team that represented Nigeria at the 1984 Olympic Games in 1984. He was in the 110 weight class (Super Heavyweight).

"We all remember his fatal attempt at the clean and jerk where he snapped his leg and had to abandon his Olympic dreams and also the hopes of a nation that was looking up to Bassey Ironbar and his team mate Oliver Orok for any medal in that event.

“Prior to the 1984 Olympics Games, Bassey had won a Bronze Medal in the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia.

Fast forward to 2017. Life hasn't been too kind to Bassey. He has been busy volunteering from 5.00am to 6.00pm everyday as a Construction Worker on the streets of Ajah in Lagos helping to repair the potholes on the roads and fixing the gutters by himself without any main source of income as shown in a video on YouTube.

“We at the Efik Leadership Foundation contacted Bassey Ironbar yesterday 08/10/2017 where he decried his plight. Bassey is our Olympic hero.

“We intend to support Bassey to get him back to his feet financially. We intend to raise funds to help pay house-rent for Bassey; procure household items, and to help him with sustainable income with a view to taking up a permanent trade (through skill acquisition training).

“We are looking at a 4 to 6 week time frame to raise the funds.

“It would mean a lot to all of us Nigerians to get Bassey our ex-Olympian off the streets under the scorching sun and rehabilitate him. Thank you very much for all your anticpated help and support.”

So far, as at press time, only about 50 Pounds had been donated. Sigh!