Expensive Rolls Royce As 'Gift' For Pastor David Ibiyeomie... did he accept it?

Earlier today we reported about the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) pastor who rejected a Rolls Royce his members got for him as birthday gift and decided to use the money for more free schools.

Now social media is buzzing after photos of the Rolls Royce received by Pastor David Ibiyeomie was shared online by some of his church members.

First, it's a birthday gift, and it's personal choice to accept or reject. Both pastors have free schools and both pastors have cars and jeeps. So, I don't think people should attack Pastor Ibiyeomie.

Pastors are not meant to be poor. If a boy singing about s*x and body parts can have Rolls Royce and a house, then you are wrong to think a servant of God can't live comfortably.

Go to America and other advanced countries, pastors are living well, in mansions. Even in the Bible a woman got the permission of her husband to build a house for a Prophet. Read your Bible, it's there.