Eyewitness Opens Up On Davido & The Death Of Caroline Danjuma's Brother

Photographer Victor Elejo said he was an eyewitness. He was with Davido's crew along with the now late Tagbo, Caroline Danjuma's brother, at Shisha Room, Lekki, just hours before Tagbo died.

Narrating his version of events, Victor shared a video of himself and Davido on the same table, Tagbo was spotted with them drinking shots and he wrote...
'this is the (clip above left) of us yesterday at the venue. We were all celebrating 2 people’s birthday which is #TAGBO and one other guy, we all had fun and everybody including Davido and crew said they were going to Oniru beach which the guy went with his car as well, and that was the last time we saw him, and later we heard that he died ....#RIP #TAGBO'.

NOTE: The video didn't show much, other than the image of them on the same table without audio, but it kind of suggest that Davido and the young men with him engaged in heavy drinking.