Female Corper Almost R*ped By An Okada Man Today (Pics)

A member of NYSC serving in Ibadan, Miss Wannirebie Ayo, has narrated how an Okada man almost r*ped her today while on her way to the NYSC secretariat from her PPA.

See the pictures and also the story she shared:

"I got the greatest shock of my life today when I was almost r*ped by an okada man. I got dressed up left my house heading to the Secretariat in another community not up to 30kms away frm my PPA. 
Before I enter the bike the man said he wants to use the bush that he is having running stomach then I agreed and waited when he was done we left, getting to some point around 4kms he stopped and said he wants to use the bush again. 
Not wasting much time he came back and started asking me, how much am I paying? I told him it's a fixed price na, that's not what we should argue about. When he insist I said it's N300 which is the normal price we pay, he said no that I will pay him N1500 stopping at d junction for 8km and to my destination N2000, so I felt uncomfortable with the way he was acting that was wen I told him ok he should take me back to where he picked me. 
He said what about the fair, I said I will pay him I want to collect money from my friend to pay him the N2000, then he refused and said if I don't have money he has to take advantage of me using the "f" word
Then I got scared, tried running away. Everywhere is full of bush where will I run to self, no houses, no cars and was already frightened which even made me got weak. He ran after me got me and I engaged in a fight with him because I had no choice. 
Then he dragged me and pushed me down to d bush corner started rough handling me, hit me lips wit a blow I started bleeding from the mouth, he tore my uniform. I was only shouting Jesus, Jesus, save me, save me, then at a point he left me and drove off with his bike. 
I just believe that God intervene in my battle because I see no other reason why he would have left me not accomplishing his aim to r*pe me and didn't collect my phone or any belongings... 
On the other hand govt should scrap this nysc or stop posting corpers to remote areas."