FRSC Officials Abandon Lady After Her Car Crashed As They Were Chasing Her

This is wrong. The Federal Road Safety Corps has been accused of abandoning a lady after causing her car to somersault during a highway chase in Abuja.

According to an eyewitness, Omolola, FRSC officials left the lady, a radio presenter, Matilda Duncan as she got trapped in her car without any help after the ghastly accident...

The lady was rescued by other motorists and passersby who rushed her to the hospital. Omolola who is her co-worker and took to social media to complain about the incident;

"I met her on the ground . Matilda Duncan. Her jeep somersaulted. She was chased by FRSC. And when they saw her car somersaulting, they absconded. Leaving her trapped in the car. They left her to die.... Thank God for good people who came to her rescue. 
This is what they do all the time. She is my Staff. Shes an On air Personality left to die because they knew what they did was wrong.I will not keep quiet... No I will not keep quiet."

Nigerian police are the ones known to do this. It's sad to hear that Road Safety have joined bad gang.