Good Lady Shares Before & After Pics of Her Classmate Who Went 'Mentally Deranged'

This is quite touching. It takes a heart of gold to do this. A beautiful lady identified as Wanja Mwaura has won the heart of many after she shared some before and after photos of her classmate (when they are in secondary school) who went mentally deranged due to excessive intake of drugs.

According to the lady, her friend who is identified as Hinga is now doing well.

He is in the rehab at Chiromo Lane Medical Center, Kenya, where he is being taken care of. Many were left amazed as its rear to find a lady that is kind as she is.
She wrote; "What can I say? Am overwhelmed. My classmate Hinga is now doing well in the rehab at Chiromo lane Medical Center. Compare the photos from where we started and where we are now. 
I however need your support to continue paying for the facility. He deserves another chance. Let's help him fight drug addiction."