Governors Demand More Bailout From Buhari

President Buhari on Tuesday lamented that despite various interventions by the Federal Government, there were still complaints by workers over unpaid salaries and allowances by state governments.

He wondered how the unpaid workers had been managing to meet the needs of their family.

Buhari made his position known while addressing a delegation of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, led by the forum’s chairman, Abdulaziz Yari, when they visited him in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

During the meeting the governors, through Yari, requested that the President ensure the release of the 50 percent of the Paris Club loan refund so the funds could be built into the 2018 budgets of states.

The various interventions the current administration had extended to states included bailouts, Paris Club loan refund and budget support. Yet many of them are still owing workers.

Some governors were alleged to have diverted part of the bailouts.


  1. Please can the governors tell us how they used the previous bailouts in details?

  2. All the should pay their workers, pension and death gratuity,this why the Mr president gave bailouts not mainly for current expenditure.

  3. all this state governor demanding bailout funds what of the one they gave them,they didn't pay worker's salary nd didn't do any project ,well God is watching sha


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