Gunmen Attack Warehouse In Abia, Rob Customers Openly

A clothing warehouse located at Ehi road in Aba, commercial nerve of Abia State has been attacked by gunmen numbering six.

Sources within the area who spoke on Tuesday said that the gunmen made away with over N1million from the owner of the facility and customers who had come to purchase goods from the dealer.

A source that simply identified himself as Kelechi told The Nation that the gunmen who came in two commercial tricycles struck at about 2pm on Monday while many customers were making payment for the goods that they have selected.

Narrating the incident Kelechi said “The owner of the warehouse offloaded his goods at the weekend and normally, people will come to buy from him. About 2pm on Monday while people were making payment for the goods that they have selected, some guys numbering 6 in two commercial tricycles alighted from the tricycle.

“Nobody suspected them because everywhere was busy as many people were paying for goods while others were making arrangements on how they will convey the goods that they have paid to their shops. As the young men in their late twenties and may be early thirties approached the entrance of the building some people who saw them thought that they were members of one of the security agencies who come to collect royalties like it has been the system.

It however dawned on them that the guys were the unfriendly ones when they asked the people to lie down and face the floor pointing guns at them. They collected the women’s handbags and asked others to hand over to them all the monies that they have.

“The victims including the owner of the warehouse complied and handed over to them, the monies that they have and released gun shots into the air before they drove off. It was at that point that passersby and neighbours became aware of what happened.

“I guess that these guys were the same syndicate that robbed a warehouse at St. Michael’s roads in a similar way just that unlike the St. Michael’s warehouse robbery, they didn’t shoot at any person. But the style of their operation is the same as they use commercial tricycle in apparent move to beat police, army and other security operatives.”