Hardship Everywhere, Nigerians Can No Longer Feed Well – Senators slam Buhari

While addressing newsmen on Wednesday, ahead of the 8th National Prayer Breakfast, some Senators slammed President Muhammadu Buhari, saying there is too much hardship under his watch.

The Senators descended on the Buhari-led Federal Government and claimed that the country was on the brinks of collapse. They also said many Nigerians could no longer afford the basics.

The federal lawmakers said the delivery of public values had ceased to be the essence of governance. They said the challenges have shaken the very foundation of Nigerians’ faith in leadership.

President of Christian Legislators’ Fellowship, Sen. Gemade, who read a prepared speech on behalf of other senators, said: “We are still at present, a reflection of a country at the brinks. Hate speech, divisive and secessionist quests raise their ugly heads, but we fortunately overcame.

"The delivery of public values has seized to be the essence of governance as our fellow countrymen can barely access basic social necessities. These challenges have shaken the very foundation of the Nigerian people’s faith in leadership.”