How True? Gov Yahaya Bello Parades 2 Women As First Lady of Kogi State

According to media reports, there is a controversy among the citizens of Kogi State as to ascertain who is the authentic first lady of the state. Their state governor has three wives.

The governor, Yahaya Bello, is said to be parading two ladies (Rashidat Bello & Barr. Aminat Bello) and both have been representing him at events that concern the first lady of the state.

Many thought this is the wife closest to his heart and as such she's the first lady. Well, we don't know.


  1. This my governor is confused who to be the first lady of kogi,well can't wait to vote this man out of lugard house come 2019.

  2. Lols,,,,,if u look at d pics carefully u will noticed dat they were addressed "wife of the governor" and not first lady

  3. At the end of the day it is only one of the women that will be picked as first lady

  4. Kogi people can't wait to oust this hardcore criminal from Lugard House


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