“I Can’t Wait for My Parents to Die, So I Can Inherit All These” – Son rants online

One of the worst thing that can happen to a person is to be the parent of "bad child" who is not ready to live right but simply waiting for you to die, so he/she can take over your properties.

A young man, identified as Phetsogo on social media, has declared that he cannot wait for his parents to die, so he can inherit their properties, which includes his dad’s 4 cars and his mom’s 2 cars.

In crazy tweets which have gone viral, the obviously misguided son said:

Some of the South African guy's followers on twitter have reacted to his crazy statement:
“A condom would have saved us all from this tweet”, someone obviously disgusted by his tweet said. “He is a product of bad s*x”, another person added.
“And you wonder why you’re the only child, they did not want to multiply the stupidity, you are a bunch of stupid, 3 in 1,” yet another follower slammed him.