"I Pay My Tithe... Come And Beat Me" – Anita Joseph Shades OAP Freeze

I love this response from Anita Joseph. I don't know why someone will carry stress on his head, just like OAP Freeze has been doing. It's wise to give your tithe to God as it attracts blessings easily.

But Freeze, in recent times, has been making it look like churches in America, Nigeria and elsewhere are doing something wrong to allow members give their tithe. Sigh!

Do you know how many people who are from cursed "family" but got really blessed through prayers and the tithe and offerings their parents had given to the work of God in the past? 

People, don't allow Freeze or anyone confuse you. Read your Bible and know the truth. Simple!


  1. People should go and read Malachi 3 vs 10. Tithing attracts the blessings of God.

  2. Freeze can only deceive shallow minds that's been looking for excuse to stop paying tithe.


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