"I'm Tired Of Feeding You" – Lady divorces husband in Lagos

On one hand some ladies say they are equal with men, on another hand a woman is here complaining of feeding her man. Have heard a husband saying he's tired of feeding his wife before? Laughs!

An Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos has dissolved the 1-year-old marriage between Ismail Kareem and Sofiat, his wife, due to the man's financial challenge within just a year.

The court president, Mrs. Funmi Adeola, in her ruling, ordered the couple to go their separate ways as all efforts to reconcile them proved abortive.

Adeola, however, ruled that their one-year-old child must be properly taken care of by both parties.

“The fact that you are separated does not mean that the fruit of the marriage should suffer. The child’s education, feeding, medical allowance must not be affected; henceforth, the father must pay the sum of N10,000 monthly for the child’s feeding.

“Both parents should be responsible for the child; the father has been granted visitation right to his child at any reasonable time of the day.

“Custody of the child has been granted to the mother because she still needs motherly care."

The 28-year-old lady had, on August 16, alleged that the husband was responsible and had refused to cater for his family. She claimed that she had borne the burden of feeding the family for one year.