Imagine What This Man Did To His Pretty Wife After She Filed For Divorce

A man who got vexed with his wife after she filed for divorce from him, has reacted in a completely horrific way, landing himself in a serious mess.

55yrs old James Ololo, based in Belgium, has been arrested for allegedly killing his estranged wife. HLN reports that James drove to his wife’s place to plead with her to terminate a court case in which she applied for divorce.

He refused to leave when she didn't grant his wish, and engaged in a fight with Elizabeth and ended up stabbing her multiple times. Neighburs called police who arrived and arrested him.

Neighbors said James has been engaging in frequent confrontation with the deceased contributed mostly by alcohol and infidelity.

A prosecutor in charge of the region where Elizabeth was living said James, a Kenyan, grabbed a knife and stabbed her several times after a quarrel ensued.

“The victim ultimately succumbed to her injuries,” Gilles Blondeau added.
James and a friend known as Simeon Situma founded a company Kenya Experts Community a few years ago to assist Kenyans relocating to Belgium to establish businesses.

Elizabeth was a business lady and a member of the Association of Kenyan Diaspora in Belgium. Friends said she had tried to separate with James for two years, but he has increasingly turned aggressive.