Inspirational Story: The Rascal and The Blind Old Man

Once upon a long time ago, there lived a blind old man who was reputed to be the wisest man alive. This blind man lived high up in the mountains, and it was generally believed that he could answer any question no matter how difficult.

One day, a teenage rascal came up with a clever plan to disgrace the old man. The rascal went about town boasting that he could outsmart the old man, and in the company of witnesses on a particular day, they went up the mountain to see the old man. On their way, the rascal secretly went into the bush and caught a small bird.

When they arrived, the rascal said to the old man,

“Sir, they say you are the wisest man alive, is that true?”

The blind man replied, “My child, that’s what everyone says.”

The rascal sneered and then said, “If you are so wise, what am I holding in my hands?” the teenager asked rudely.

The blind man smiled and then answered, “My son, you are holding a little black bird in your hands.”

The teenager was shocked. How did the blind man know? The teenager then asked the old man a second question, “Is the bird dead or alive?”

The rascal had a smart plan. His plan was if the old man answered that the bird was alive, he would quickly squeeze the bird to death and show everyone that the old man was wrong. If the old man answered that the bird was dead, then he would release the bird to fly away. Without doubt, he believed he had the old man cornered. There was no escape.

The blind old man knew what the rascal was up to. For a long time, he refused to answer the question.

The rascal began to badger him for a reply.

Finally, the wise man smiled, stood up and then said, “My son, whether the bird lives or dies is completely in your own hands. Only you have the power to make that decision.”

Just like the bird in the hands of that rascal, your destiny is purely in your own hands. God has given us the power to choose our destinies. Whether you succeed or fail with your life is largely your decision and in your own hands.

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