Kogi State Civil Servant Resigned Due To 'No Salary'... shares photos & letter

The situation in Kogi really needs a change of strategy from the government. How can you pay some last in December 2016, in the name of verification? It shouldn't take more than a month or two.

Now one of the workers have decided to do his resignation publicly due to hardship. See below:


Dear Hon. Commissioner,
Please be informed that I am resigning from my duty post as forest Guard, under the employment of Kogi State ministry of environment and natural resources with effect from today been the 30th of October, 2017.

Please consider this letter as notice of resignation is in tandem with the period mandated per my contract.

The reason for my resignation is that I have not been paid a dime salary by your ministry since my effect official appointment about 10 months ago and it is on record that I have committedly, diligently and duly discharged my duty to the satisfaction of your ministry during the Ten months of my employment.

I am sure you appreciate my stand and will relieve me of my responsibilities on the 30th of October, my last working day at Kogi State Ministry of environment and natural resources. I trust that my owed dues will be paid.


Yours truly,
Tenimu Muhammed Tairu.