Lady Reveals Why She Will Spend 50% Of Her Salary On Her Boyfriend

A Nigerian lady, Eniola, has promised to spend 50% of her first salary on her boyfriend. She said he has been catering for her in many ways, to the extent of even given his ATM card to her.
Below is how the lady who just got a job chronicled his recent act of kindness:

"When I get my first salary from this new job, I’m spending 50% on my boyfriend cause he has been the one supporting me financially. 
Lol so today he was supposed to give me transport fare to go to work but all the ATMs did not work, so he gave me his ATM card and said use it when you get to the nearest ATM that is dispensing, knowing fully well he won’t be seeing me until Friday and he only had 1k with him. 
"I was even trying to suggest some solutions and he just said 'babe you have to go, you are running late...I love you' and told the bike man to move. He even paid the bike man out of the 1k left with him. 
My boyfriend is my number one fan and my hypeman..he has been so supportive."
Love should always be selfless. Nice one!