Lady Told By Doctors She Can't Get Pregnant... Gives Birth To 4 Babies Within A Year

The Almighty is still the God of miracles! A white lady told she could never have kids even with IVF has, surprisingly, had four babies NATURALLY in less than a year.

The woman identified as Charlotte Parker and husband Billy had given up hope of be­ing parents after struggling to conceive, also learning her low egg count meant fertility treatment could not help.

But as they began considering egg donors, miraculously the wife defied doctors by falling pregnant with their first son Lewis.

He was born at 7lbs on September 6, 2016. MIRACULOUSLY, two months later she discovered she was expecting again – and this time it was with triplets.

The Sun has reports that babies Adam, weighing 3lb 11oz, Jamie 4lb 4oz and Ella 3lb 8oz were all born prematurely on August 4 and kept in the hospital neo-natal department for more than a month. 

But Charlotte and Billy now have their miracle babies at home in Crawley, West Sussex.
Legal secretary Charlotte said: “It’s odd now to think back to when we thought having children wouldn’t be possible."

To God alone be the glory!