LOL! Lady Crying Because She Doesn't Have Her New Lover's "Mumu Button"

If you're still wondering why some people keep having troubles in relationship, read this lady's gist:

I met a guy at my best friend’s wedding. He didn’t hide the fact that he wanted me. His eyes followed me everywhere and guys I liked him. I haven’t been in love for 10 years; in fact my heart had felt nothing at all – except give me money; but I felt something for this guy.

We spent the night together and it was beautiful...
I didn’t call or try to keep in touch. I let him do it and he did: Facetiming, messages etc. I spent the last weekend with him and it was beautiful – movies, music, talking, arguing, laughing.

I was ill on Thursday, he found out on Friday when he called me and only asked once, afterwards to confirm what the doctor said, and if I was taking my drugs. On Saturday, he sent a message asking if I was fine. I called in the evening, and he called back. (He never let’s me call because the conversations are usually long and he doesn’t want to waste my airtime).

When I asked him if he was worried when I was ill, he said he wasn’t, because it was malaria and I’ll be fine. Then we had this long conversation about stuff. I told him I was buying an IPhone 7 plus this week because my 6 was stolen, and he didn’t even offer to give me money – even when I told him I felt old and unattractive to be buying myself a phone. I haven’t bought myself a phone in a long time; what are chokers for? All he said was we all get to that point where we start buying things for ourselves.

I begged him to watch Alakada with me, he said he’d watch any other movie, but not Alakada ’cause that’s not his type of film; that he’ll pay for me to watch and wait outside. I felt so hurt and I told him, at least he should make sacrifices for me and then he asked if I didn’t think being on the phone for 3 hours with me was a sacrifice. (iIs it? Shouldn’t he be excited to talk to me)

I feel he got me easily; he didn’t work for it and I’m going to change that. I won’t drive to his house again. He’d have to come pick me or pay for my uber. I’m falling for him but I can’t fall for a guy that I don’t have his mumu button, it will be disastrous.

Yesterday, I said I miss you 4 times and he only said I miss you once. I need advise.

- She needs a man that will be "mumu" for her before she will be satisfied. Social media children.

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  1. Young Lady, My candid advise! Being Emotional intelligence (EI) is having capability to recognize your own emotions and that of the young man you have fallen for, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide your thinking and behavior, and manage and/or i will advise in my candid opinion that you adjust your emotions to suit his to enable you sustain your acclaim feelings for him that\s if you so wish the future together.

    Kill the old fashioned pride days and move on with the trends and current of your present day emotions whilst forgetting the fact that the old days were bountifully easy for you,....

    Establish a clinical approach, naturally all your wants and gains from him will fall into place with placing other for such sensitive attentions in this early phase,,..

    He he knows your person by your actions, Technically you have been placed on that mode and solely activated to react with complains...

    Watch the ball roll.. You will come to this platform to testify of the these few tips if they are followed precautionary.


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