Man Confesses to R*ping His Own Mother, Sentenced to Jail

A seriously misguided man has admitted r*ping his mother and breaking her neck during an argument at her home. A row between the 46-year-old thug and his victim, aged 63, initially began over money, according to court documents.

The man, who is not being named to protect his mother's identity, dragged his mother around her home "punching her in the face and body." He then "forcibly r*ped her".

At one point, the victim fled n*ked to a neighbour's house for help in Cincinnati, Ohio. But her crazy son then threw her back over a fence and into the house.

When he eventually fell asleep, the victim managed to call police. Officers found him still sleeping when they arrived.

He pleaded guilty to r*pe, felonious assault and kidnapping in a deal which saw him jailed for 11 years on Wednesday.

In court he claimed he "blacked out" and that "somebody slipped me something in my drink"

He told the judge: "I feel bad about the whole incident."

Prosecutors say the man's mother suffered a broken neck, bruises, cuts and bite marks. What a son!