Medical Doctor Dumps His Wife & Kids After S*x With A ‘Cele’ Church Woman

When I hear some guys say love-spell and manipulations don't work I just pray that they won't fall into the hands of any woman who's an agent of "the dark kingdom". The consequences are fatal!

A mum of two, Mrs. Juliana (surname withheld) lost her medical doctor husband simply known as Diolu after he encountered a Celestial Church lady who eventually had s*x with in Lagos.

According to PM Express, the doctor abandoned his wife and two kids and moved to the strange woman’s house in an undisclosed location where they now live as husband and wife.

The incident happened at Joseph Street area of Ejigbo where Diolu used to live with his family behind a popular hospital before he moved over to his "new" lover’s house.

It was gathered that trouble started between Diolu and his wife in 2015 when she got information that her husband was having affairs with the woman but had no details until she caught the two of them and rebuked her husband over the illicit affairs.

It was said that Juliana later told her husband that he broke her heart, asked to know why he was doing so and the husband replied her that he fell in love with the woman and liked her 'performance'.

Juliana persuaded her husband to leave the woman and face his family but he refused. She then reported the illicit affair to his family members who expressed shock over such act, tried to discourage their brother and save his marriage.

But it appeared that was what Diolu needed as he scolded Juliana for revealing the issue to his family and that worsened the matter.

It was said that Diolu became angry that his wife had to report him and used it as an excuse to abandon her and moved over to the ‘Cele’ woman’s house.

The embattled wife has gone to several churches, making prayer points but it appeared things were getting worse as she claimed that her husband had forgotten his family completely and does not ask of his children any longer.

Some residents who knew what happened have said that there must be something behind Diolu’s decision to abandon his family for the woman. Some said the strange woman might have been controlling him spiritually to the extent that he does not know he has a wife and children any longer.
When contacted, Juliana confirmed that a strange woman had snatched her husband. She narrated that she was still shocked and wondered what really attracted her husband to the woman.