Newly Married Couple, Woman who Just Gave Birth, Others Killed In Rivers

The gruesome killings taking in Rivers State is something else. According to Jennifer, who lives in Port Harcourt, fifteen people were killed today in Mgbuosimini Waterside, Rivers state.

Some said there have been cult related violence around the area, several passersby suffered machete cuts, as violence raged all through the night, without intervention. Her words:

'Fifteen people confirmed dead at mgbuosimini waterside in Rivers state Portharcourt. This is the third batch of innocent citizens residing in that area to be trapped in all these fiasco.We need peace and security in Rivers state.
'These are live pictures from the dastard act that happened in Mgbuosimini community early this morning. Innocent lives wasted. Including newly married couples and a woman that recently gave birth. I condemn this act in its totality. Sixteen innocent lives wasted. All businesses shut down, everywhere looks like rapture just occurred. Live... Too bad.'