OAP Freeze Calls Out Pastor Paul Adefarasin?

I just saw a post by popular OAP Freeze calling out Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock and I smiled. I've tried to ignore this guy and what he's promoting against the Church and I think others who are true Christians should also ignore him. 

Because a lady who's not paying tithe made some money he started using it as basis. The rich man who died and went to hell and begged Lazarus to drop water on his tongue, how did he live?

You can make money without God but Chris asked, "what shall it profit you to gain the world and lose your soul?" Giving offering, paying tithe, living righteously is SECURING your eternity.

Any man who sleeps with ladies who left their husband is "committing adultery" and the same person shouldn't be taken seriously when quoting the Bible out of context.

Go to America, they have many churches, yet their government is doing its job. But Freeze is trying to confuse people that it's because of churches in Nigeria that you don't have good infrastructure and all sorts of misguided talk. Are churches stopping Buhari's government from doing its work?

I urge Pastor Paul Adefarasin and other pastors who have come under the misguided attack of Freeze to see him as a man who needs help, emotionally and spiritually. Simple!