Olu Famous Blog Opens Comment For Readers

Greetings to you all my dear readers. First I want to thank everyone for your understanding in the last few months with regards to some changes you observed on OluFamous.Com.

For the sake of my calling as a Pastor, I had to spend serious time in the presence of the Lord and I had to limit my access to the internet, due to high rate of nudity and immorality online these days.

Good news is, OluFamous.Com is back to full operation. I've opened the comment box and I won't even approve comments again. From now, immediately you post your comments they go live.

Also, from time to time, we'll be giving gifts and cash to appreciate you for your comments. Thanks!


  1. Welcome to a new era, lets make Nigeria and the world a better place.

  2. the lord is your strength sir,not easy combining the lords work nd as a blogger at the same time,not minding the immorality done on the internet nowaday's ,once again the lord will be your strength nd your guidance.


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