Outrage over Buhari’s special request to World Bank to Focus on The North

Many socio-cultural groups on Friday lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari over his alleged request that the World Bank should focus on the Northern part of Nigerian.

They described the request as proof that Buhari’s government is all about favouritism and tribalism.

Reactions from different sections of Nigeria below:

We are not surprised – IYC  
The Ijaw Youth Council said the group was not surprised by the statement credited to the World Bank President.

IYC President, Mr. Eric Omare, told Punch that the President had succeeded in running a government of the North, by the North and for the North, describing Buhari’s action as “unpresidential.”

“I think for us, it did not come as a surprise. Before now, Buhari has said that there are some people that gave him 97 per cent votes, while there are others who gave him five per cent; and that those that gave him five per cent would not get the same attention that those that gave him 97 per cent of votes would get.

He insisted it is wrong for the President of Nigeria to surround himself with people from his village.

Revelation proves Buhari is a sectional leader – Fayose 
Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, also said that he was not surprised by the comment from the President of the World Bank.

He said, “The President has never hidden the fact that he is a sectional leader and painfully, because of his nepotism, religious bigotry and favouritism, Nigeria is now more divided than ever before, with the unity of the country being threatened.”

He said, “Now, with Jim Yong Kim telling the world that President Buhari gave specific instructions that the bank should shift its developmental efforts to the North, is anyone still in doubt that President Buhari does not see himself as the President of the entire country, Nigeria?”

Reminding Nigerians of his earlier warnings that Buhari was a sectional leader, Fayose said that as a Military Head of State, Buhari cancelled the Lagos Metroline Project at a huge loss to taxpayers.

He said, “Would Buhari have stopped that project that would have resolved the transportation nightmare in Lagos if it were to be in Kano?”

Nigerians deserve better explanation from Presidency — Afenifere 
The National Publicity Secretary of the pan-Yoruba sociocultural organisation, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, said it was unfortunate such a statement credited to the President came out at a time when the unity of the country had become so fragile and there was so much distrust in the land.

He also faulted the statement released by the presidency.

He said, “It’s not acceptable and I think Nigerians deserve a better explanation from the Presidency on what happened, rather than insulting and abusing them the way it has done. It’s not helpful and it’s not very thoughtful.

“However, that statement goes to the foundation of the country; it throws a dagger to the heart of Nigerian unity and I think that at the slightest opportunity, the President should address the nation on this matter; not spokespersons or aides talking to us.”

Nigerians citizens react 

Across social media platforms, many Nigerians  slammed President Buhari for the instruction he had allegedly given to the World Bank.

A former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Mr. Reno Omokri, said Buhari’s pro-North comment had proved his (Omokri’s) long-term stance that he is a sectional leader.

He wrote via his Twitter handle: “For years, I’ve been saying President @MBuhari is a sectional leader and I thank God the President of the World Bank has vindicated me.” 

Another Twitter user, Richard Chukwu, wrote via his handle: “I’m so much disappointed in Buhari. What a shame! Meaning that he’s there [only] for the northerners?

“This is the reason, amidst others, why we need to restructure this country politically and economically.”