PHOTOS: Flood Submerges 21 Communities In Delta State

The riverine area of Delta State has endured its fair share of the flood which has ravaged several areas in Nigeria in recent times.

The seasonal flood has wrecked untold havoc on communities at the banks of Ramos, Forcados Rivers and other areas. The residents have built makeshift houses in their canoes to sleep while their houses have been submerged by the flood, in some places to window level...

The communities submerged include Eseimogbene, Ekametagbene, Oyangbene, Akparemogbene, Egolegbene, Ayakoromo, Bubougbene, Newtown, Yayorogbene, Gbekebor, Obotebe, Ekorogbene and Okrika.

Others are, Ebeingbene, Ogboingbene, Ogodobiri, Okoloba, Akugbene, Enekorogha, Edegbene, Opurutiegbene, Kalafuogbene, Ebeberegbene, Ekogbene.

Speaking on behalf of the communities, National president of the Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade (FHRACC), Alaowei Cleric, Esq., in a statement, sent a”Save Our Soul” message to the Delta State Government to come to their rescue.

The Cleric stated that, "The situation is becoming so precarious in the affected communities except an urgent attention is given to them by the relevant authorities. We can’t tell what will be the fate of these people in the incoming days if no succour is given to them."