Police Intercept Truck Carrying Two Children In Benue State

Two boys were reportedly found inside a tanker truck which departed from Zaki-Biam, Benue State on Thursday morning. As shared by a lady, Joy Iorhuna...

"Good pm Family and friends, information reaching me from my village Mbakunde, Mbakaange Vandeikya LGA has it that, a Truck left Zaki-Biam this morning and was caught around Adonai Polytechnic Ankar carrying two little boys. 
According to eyeswitness, "The boys are living with their mother's manfriend at Zaki Biam. While the kids mother got married to another man in Taraba State.
The kids left the house due to the maltreatment they are receiving and join the truck from Zaki Biam, hoping it will stop at Kala, but unfortunately it didn't stop until it got to Vandeikya around Adonai Poly were there's a police check point and the truck was arrested! 
They are presently at the Nigerian Police station in Vandeikya! 

The name of the eldest boy is Teryima Jerome, he said that they are from Konshisha but have never been there! Hopefully the police will be able to trace their father.