Pregnant Ladies Fight After Discovering They Were Both Impregnated By Same Man

Swimming in immorality comes with a lot of mess. Two pregnant love rivals were filmed fighting over their "boyfriend" - after discovering he was the father of both of their unborn babies.

The two ladies came to blows while arguing in the street and exchanging heated words.

The man, dressed in a motorbike helmet, tried to separate them. Local media reported that the man was hugging his new girlfriend when his secret lover stormed up to them.

She confronted the pair and revealed she, too, is pregnant with his child – brandishing a mobile phone and referring to text messages between herself and the man.

The Colombian woman claims that the man has not responded since she told him she was pregnant.
This sparked a furious row between the women. The new girlfriend warned her to have some "respect" as he has chosen to live with her.

The girlfriend said: "You are going to have a child with him and I have child with him. And so? Will not you respect us? He lives with me, and he already told you that he will answer you. So what?"