Prof Sagay Replies APC: I’m Not Afraid of Losing My Position

A senior advocate of Nigeria, Prof. Itse Sagay, who's the Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), has told the leadership of the ruling APC that he is not afraid of losing his job as the chairman of the advisory body to President Buhari.

Sagay and the APC leadership have been engaged in battle of words following his allegation that the party leadership was associating with people who are very corrupt.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Independent, Prof. Sagay who said he accepted the position from President Buhari because of his desire to serve the country and not for pecuniary gain, also said the John Odigie-Oyegun-led APC leadership is not comfortable with his utterances and actions because they felt threatened whenever he attacks corrupt politicians.

“I have responded to all these allegations by saying I am not a ‘come and chop’ politician. So, they cannot say I was done any particular service by being appointed to this position or to say I was brought out of obscurity into prominence.

“I accepted this position from President Buhari, a man I have tremendous respect for because I wish to serve, not because I have anything to gain. So, for anyone to say that the party, APC, got me there is totally wrong and pure rubbish. The party never got me there. The party was not in any way involved in my appointment.

“It was the president who directly appointed me. That was why I told the APC leadership led by John Odigie-Oyegun that I am not a ‘come and chop’ politician like them. So, the question of losing a position can never arise in my life.

“They are not happy with what I am saying or doing because they are very cozy with the corrupt members. They are encouraging them, aligning with them and enjoying a close relationship with them and they are pretending as if they don’t know that those people have done anything or they are a danger to the future of the party.

“That is why they are offended because definitely when I attacked those who are corrupt who the APC leadership is encouraging through their attitude, then indirectly, I am attacking them.”