Range Rover Going?? Police Auctions Man's SUV Recovered Form Armed Robbers

Nigeria police are funny atimes. According to report, a Range Rover owner was shocked to discover that his vehicle which was stolen at gun point earlier this year, has been recovered by the police and they have gone ahead to even auction it in Rivers state.

Read the details below...

This Range Rover was stolen from Dennis Banigo at gunpoint in February, 2017 in Port Harcourt. He reported the case at the Elelenwo police station, Port Harcourt. 
This October, the same car was found parked at a Police station in Okporo. When the owner went to recover his vehicle. He was told by the Police that his stolen vehicle although still parked at the Police station has been auctioned early October, 2017. 
I wonder when it became police job description to auction stolen Vehicles. Let us prevail on the police to return this vehicle to Mr Dennis Banigo.
IGP Idris can you see what your men in Rivers State have done?