Rich Boxer Anthony Joshua: the new cash man worth £16.7m

*Defends title today in London 
Nigeria's Anthony Olufemi Joshua would today defend his title against Cameroon-born heavyweight Carlos Takam in Cardiff.

The fight has been dubbed the big money battle. As AJ smiles to the bank, the million naira question to ask is: What is his current net worth?

He has earned millions of pounds during his career, but his biggest payday came after his blockbuster fight with Wladimir Klitschko earlier this year.

More than 90,000 fans watched as he won with a stunning knockout and pocketed between £10m and £15m. His current net worth has increased.

Joshua is worth an estimated £16.7million ($22million), according to Forbes’ 2017 list of highest paid athletes in the world.

The boxer is ranked 89 on the list and is the second richest active boxer on the planet – beaten only by Canelo Alvarez.

Joshua’s net worth was broken down as £14million ($18.5million) from winnings and prize money and £2.7million ($3.5million) from endorsements.

The 28-year-old has lucrative sponsorships deals with a number of global brands including Under Armour, Jaguar, Beats and StubHub.

While Anthony Joshua decides when or if he wants to increase his already expansive fan base by fighting in America, he’s content to perform in the U.K., which is where he’ll take on Carlos Takam, the first opponent to challenge for his unified heavyweight titles.

However Takam, whom Joshua has described as being built ‘like a bag of cement’, is ranked no.3 in the world by the IBF and could prove an awkward customer.

“I think he’s tougher and can take more but I don’t think he’s smarter for that reason,” Joshua, who reportedly will make a £15 million purse, said during a recent teleconference. “What’s going to be tougher … the smarter fighter who’s going to make me think more, or the guy who’s going to make me run? That’s what’s going to be interesting.”

‘Massive credit to Carlos [Takam]’, he said.

‘He trains and keeps himself fit all year round, but I was never going to just give up my IBF title, I’ve trained too hard. Now he has the chance to be world champion so it’s a good opportunity for him, but the best man will walk out as the winner.

‘The fans know what they want to see today and I know, too. I have to deliver, it’s my duty, we do that and then hopefully we can look forward to a promising 2018.’

Joshua Career stats 
According to The Sun report, undefeated in 19 professional fights, Joshua has had a hugely successful career. He turned pro after winning the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics and has gone on to claim IBF, WBA and IBO titles.

He was ranked as the world’s best heavyweight by Transnational Boxing Ranking Board earlier this month and will be looking to maintain that record after his fight today - Saturday, 28th October.