See These Wise Responses To The Attacks On Churches

So because Olu Famous is now a Pastor, someone will see me later in a Rolls Royce or Private Jet and say it's church money I use to buy it? Do you know how many souls I've given my own personal money to take care of their family only just these few months I became a pastor? Sigh!

Do you know that Pastor Adeboye had to leave the mansion he was living in as HOD in a university with his PhD to go and live in a one room apartment in Mushin, Lagos, just to serve God many years ago? Do you know the kind of sacrifice Real Pastors have to make for them to have easy access to God's throne of Grace to the extent that their prayers for people are always answered? Hmmm!

I know that OAP Freeze is on a very dangerous mission. This is not the first time someone has taken it upon himself to fight the church and their end is always predictable.

I don't want to say much because I hope one day Freeze might repent from his anti-church activities. 

Anyway, read more of what Apostle Anselm Madubuko of Revival Assembly Church shared: