Surprise As Orange Tree Bears Tangerines In Osun State

This unusual development in the sleepy community of Ara, in Osun state, awed many residents of the area as multitude have turned the orange tree to a Mecca of some sort.

A resident who visited the scene took to his page to announce the unusual discovery.

As shared by Adabanija Qamarudeen who's in Osun state...

"Personally, I went to my ward in Ara to see by myself this miraculous incident where an orange tree bear the fruits of tangerines together with that of orange on the same orange tree. 
"Someone reported this incident to me but I did not believe it until I went there on Sunday evening to see it by myself. After seeing it, I made sure I came back home with both fruits to show to the people. It is a miracle working God.."
Most of the visitors to the orange tree plucked both the orange and the tangerine fruits it bore.