Sweet Love: See Yomi Casual & His Wife In 2010 and 2017

Today in Lagos some ladies are either looking for the Yahoo Boys or follow all kinds of men for money. Sadly, this ugly trend is creeping into cities like Abuja, Enugu, Ibadan, PH. Many don't want to hear about 'future together', all they want now is money, money, money.

Please, why destroying your life and probably destroy your eternity as you may end in hell through sin all because of greed for money from men? You can date a decent man and build a good life.

Fashion designer Yomi Casual took to his page to share side by side pics of himself with his cute wife in 2010 and on their wedding day in 2017. Seven years later, things have changed.

Relationship entered into because of greed of what you can get from a man don't last. Be guided!