S*x With 4 Laides Saga: Watford Rebukes Nigerian Footballer, Isaac Success

English Premier League side, Watford Football Club, have scolded Nigeria’s Isaac Success following is conduct after an angry bust-up with four pros-titutes he accused of cheating him out of £2,000.

The 21-year-old striker, who is currently injured, was detained by the police after the ladies, at an hotel in Hertfordshire, reported that he was demanding £2,000 back, the money he paid them for s*x.

The BBC reported that Watford coach, Marco Silver had handed a strict warning to Isaac, using him as a ‘scapegoat’ making reference to the case which put the player and the club into an ugly spotlight.

He said, “He needs to be careful – everyone needs to be careful – and know the right way.”
“Everybody at the club knows the rules and their obligations as a professional."

Funny enough, Isaac success has yet to future for the Premier League side this season. He managed just one goal from 19 games last season.