Update On Lady Allegedly S*xually Molested By SARS Men

Earlier today we shared the story of this lady (pictured above) who cried out over her experience in the hands of some SARS operatives who she said accused her of being a "Yahoo Girl".

She said the men rough-handled her and even put hand in her privates.

The ugly incident allegedly happened in Ilorin. Her words:
"After searching and not finding any evidence, they immediately accused me of prostitution, I said no, we argued for a while, then the man (one of the federal SARS officials) came to me and started shouting that I'm carrying hard drugs that he wants to search my body for narcotics. 
"Then this bastard put his hands INSIDE my bra, while I was shouting and trying to get out, he said he was going to beat me up if he heard another sound, amidst all my crying and struggles this bastard rough-handled me, dipped his hands in my pant, saying (no be today I start to dey see drugs for girl bra or yansh)."
Good thing is, the police complaint unit has taken up the matter, even though the lady did not report to them. Investigations have commenced to fish out the SARS men involved.