White Witch Reveals: Clients asked me to kill, make women lose their pregnancy

Some Nigerians think witchcraft operations only happen in Africa. There are many families in advanced countries who are under spiritual attacks today, much more than you can imagine.

A white witch who can turn women into “man magnets” and "help" couples conceive has revealed how clients have asked him to kill people and even to make another woman miscarry.

Kevin Carlyon, from Hastings, uses spells to boost fertility, help lonely clients find love and even locate lost pets, but he refuses to dabble in too much black magic...

He told the Sun Online: “Some people who come and see me are absolutely crazy, so I try to keep those at bay. You’d be surprised what people want done. I’ve met some really horrible people who have asked me to kill someone off and even make someone miscarry a baby, but I won’t get involved in stuff like that.

“I get people coming along for abortion spells, which I don’t do, but I also have people coming for fertility spells which I do and it does work quite dramatically.”

Arriving at Kevin’s East Sussex flat, visitors are instantly faced with a plastic Halloween bat which is permanently pinned to the front door.

Inside the light, airy living room, there’s no mistaking what “Kev the Witch” does for a living.

An altar, festooned with candles, skulls, goblets and chalices is against one wall with a stone bearing the pentagram, or five-pointed star, which symbolises the Wicca belief system.

A rope circle flows from the altar and a Ouija table sits nearby. Kevin, clad in red velvet robes, uses the room for regular meetings with members of his coven, with ten to 20 fellow witches coming together to cast spells and chant.

But 59-year-old says that, despite common misconceptions, the meetings are “good clean fun”.

He said: “Witches are often associated with s*xual orgies and nu-dity but those were added by two people, Gerald Gardener and Alex Sanders, in the last century and they weren’t there before.

“People ask me if I do rituals nude and I say no, and when you’re in a group, there’s nothing funnier than looking at nude people, at their bre*sts and ***, so we are always robed.

“I believe a witch is born not made. Other witches might say, ‘Take your clothes off, I’ll have s*x with you and then you’ll be a witch.’ But I don’t believe in that.

“Our belief system is about life, love and procreation but not about dancing n*ked round a bonfire.”

Like all good witches, Kevin has a familiar, a 20-year-old black cat called Dr Fluff – so called because she “can tell if you have a pain in your body and will come and lie on the affected part”.

She also steps in to help with the spells when his wife Sandie is not on hand.

“The whole tradition of the belief system is that men and women are equal and one without the other doesn’t have the power that they should have,” he explains.

“It sounds crazy but when I don’t have a female, my cat takes the role of female to keep the balance.”

In order to demonstrate his craft, Kevin casts a "protection spell" while standing in his circle.

He lifts a smoking bowl into the air while chanting "peace, love and harmony" incantations in a booming voice - a ritual that seems more bizarre in the bright sunlight of the well-lit high-ceiling living room than it would in a dark wood at full moon.

Kevin first realised he had powers at the age of five, when he began to predict events at his school.

- Things are happening people, stay safe in the Lord for your own good.