This X-ray T-shirt Lets You Take A Tour Inside Your Own Body

Thinkers rule the world. People are thinking are delivering results. Curiscope, a firm of Brighton brain boxes, has invented a T-shirt which gives you x-ray vision.

When you hover your mobile phone over its front, its genius design gives you a virtual reality tour of not only your ticker, but everything else inside your rib cage. For real?

"How is that possible? And can I put it through a normal wash with my smalls?" So it's the tech that's the smart bit of kit. The tee is just as ordinary as they come and normal rules apply to keeping that clean.

The brainchild of whiz kids Ed Barton and Ben Kidd -- more than 3,000 of these shirts have already been sold.

You can buy this anatomical adventure from Amazon but as it's so popular, it's currently out of stock.

The Virtuali-Tee costs £25, which isn't much more than the price of a normal T-shirt really. Except normal tees don't let you unlock the inner workings of the human body.