Woman in trouble for smashing her neighbour's car thinking it belongs to her boyfriend

A court in the UK has ordered a jealous woman to pay huge compensation after she destroyed another person's car, who's her neighbour, mistaking it for the car of a boyfriend who cheated on her.
The lady got herself in trouble after trashing what she thought was her boyfriend’s car in a drunken rage — only to discover it doesn't belong to lover.

According to The Sun UK, the lady identified as Christine Ann Potten, 38, also tore off the rear windscreen wiper and a door trim and kicked off the driver’s mirror. 

She only stopped when a neighbour woken by the 1am din opened his window and shouted: “That’s not your boyfriend’s car.”

Christine staggered to a house she was staying but left a trail of blood after ­cutting herself, magistrates were told. When police arrived she answered the door with her finger dripping blood and told them: “I’m a naughty girl aren’t I?”

Christine is in prison, she was given a 6-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay the car owner.