Woman Turns Husband to House Boy in Lagos after Collecting N2.5m from Boyfriend

A married lady simply known as Rita did the unthinkable recently after she received N2.5m from a man she met through social media (Facebook), one Mr. Gabriel who is based in Dublin.

She reportedly disowned and referred to her husband as house help employed by the family to assist in the domestic duties. In fact, she had started making arrangement with Gabriel for marriage.

The incident happened at Isolo area of Lagos where the couple reside with their three children.

The embattled couple are from Delta and reside in Lagos with their kids. The husband is comfortable and also bought an SUV for the wife to be driving the children to school.

According to PM Express, Rita met Gabriel on Facebook and they became lovers even though they are yet to meet face to face.

It was said that Gabriel expressed so much love and indicated interest to marry Rita. She agreed despite the fact that she was married with children.

Gabriel reportedly sent her N2.5m to take care of issues of procuring travelling documents to join him in Dublin where he resides.

While the relationship was going on Rita did not tell Gabriel that she was married and had children. She rather told him that she was still single and had no commitment with any man in Nigeria.

The saga got exposed after the husband suspected Rita, mostly because of the way she was spending cash which he did not know the source. The husband secretly took Rita’s phone and observed the chat between her and Gabriel.

He hid his real name, added Gabriel as his friend on Facebook, he accepted and they started chatting.

It was during the chatting that the husband informed Gabriel that Rita was his legitimate wife and that he should leave her alone.

However, Gabriel did not believe the husband but made it clear that he wanted to marry Rita, had sent her N2.5m to facilitate her travelling documents and that she will soon join him in Dublin.

The husband then revealed his real name to Gabriel and told him to ask Rita about him.

While Rita and Gabriel were chatting, she referred her husband as the family house help and still expressed her commitment to marry Gabriel.

The husband then summoned Rita and asked to know what was going on between her and Gabriel. 

To the husband's surprise, Rita threatened to dump and sue him for dabbling into her private affairs.

The issue was reported to Isolo Police Division and the police summoned Rita to explain her conduct. By then her husband had printed hard copies of her chatting with Gabriel.

When the DPO showed her all the chatting she had with Gabriel, she again started accusing the police and her husband of dabbling into her private matter.

Funny enough, this same Rita is now threatening to sue Nigeria Police and her husband for disturbing her "runs" and had contacted a lawyer to that effect. 

It was not certain the step the husband will take as he said he will contact families before any action.