"You're rich cos you launder money for politicians" || "Go help your poor family" – Hushpuppi & Mompha fight dirty

When a 'gang' of guys are making money the way most people cannot explain and then some of them are always showing off cash or expensive stuff on social media, just know that it's only a matter of time for the "dark mysteries" of their sincere success or otherwise are exposed...

Two former 'friends' - money man Mompha and designer man Hushpuppi are tearing themselves apart on social media with shocking revelations and some that are maybe even expected.

Hush alleges that Mompha launders money for Nigerian politicians. So probably some of those cash he flaunts on planes while travelling could be looted funds from Nigeria, according to his friend.

On his part, Mompha says Hush is a broke ass who borrow to pose and always in a hurry to buy stuff and show off on Instagram from any small money he gets. That he's owing him, took money from his wife too, and that he should stop his fake life and go help his poor mother who's selling bread.

This can only get more dirty. Lets hope those who know them closely can advise them properly.