1st Class Graduate Had Accident on Way to Lagos for NYSC

Ejike Gift Emeka, a First Class graduate recently got involved in a road accident on his way to Lagos for NYSC. The brilliant Emeka was strong, energetic and full of life till the sad event that happened on 20th of November.

As a 1st class graduate of Micheal Okpara university of Agriculture he has great hopes for the future. 

Sadly, due to the severity of the accident which affected his spinal cord he can't move his body parts. 

About 4 million is needed for his treatment to continue as he is on life support and further corrective surgeries. The family has already exhausted their little funds. He needs help...

He is presently at UNTH Enugu but needs to be transferred to MEMFYs hospital for Neurosurgery at Enugu state.

We can't do it all alone and that is why we areusing this medium to reach out to all friends, families, kind hearted Nigerians to help him as we fight hard to save our brother Emeka.

The family and friends honestly need help in this trying time.


  1. Wishing him a speedy recovery IJN

  2. What a sad wish him quickly recovery

  3. Was he the one driving? If he was driven, then get the vehicle particulars, write out the name and address of the insurer, then approach it to take over this matter.
    It is for unfortunate situations such as this that motor vehicle insurance (Third Party) is compulsory in most parts of the world.


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