Corper's Baby Dies In Lagos Creche, School Remain Silent

A female corper got a job with a firm in Lagos for her service year, which made her enroll her baby in a crèche whose name was given as 'Easy Landers', in Ajao Estate, reportedly lost that baby.

However the mind boggling aftermath was that the school's management are reportedly yet to explain what happened, or visit the little's family. Read how Amanda Chisom narrated the story...

"From my inbox:
The incident happened at Ajao estate of recent. A baby of 7months old was registered in the crèche just last September. And the care taker in the crèche suffocated the baby with pap to the point of death

This is how the stories goes. A woman registered her 7months old baby in a crèche called easy landers at 3A Benson Anorue street Ajao estate just last September cos she is currently running her NYSC program in a company here in Lagos. So on that faithful day been 26th of October,she dropped her baby at the school with the so called crèche teacher miss chinemelem from IMO state.just like in the next 30mins she dropped the baby at the school. Getting to her office, she got a call from the crèche teacher that her baby was shivering and she was so socked and asked her what happened and the teacher told her that she was feeding her with pap at some point the baby choked up and started having short breath with pap coming out from her nose and mouth with a terrible shivering. So the mum told her to rush the baby to the near by hospital at faith city at Ajao that she is coming. On getting there the baby was already dead.

Meanwhile, 2 days earlier, the baby’s mum confronted the so called teacher Miss Chinemerem ‘why she doesn’t greet her anytime she came to drop her baby to school, even when she greet her she won’t answer her well. And Miss Chinemerem answered sarcastically that anytime she comes, that she is always busy. So she just told her that if she has wrong her in anyway that she should pls pardon her. 

Moreover, since last Thursday that the incident happened, the owner of the school or their teachers haven’t gone to see the parents of the deceased, even to show remorse or for condolence visit... 

The baby’s feeding bottles and bag are still in the school. They are waiting for the parent to come and carry them."