Couple Jailed for 260 Years after Committing "Deadly Crimes"

A couple have been jailed for a total of 260 years after they kidnapped a girl outside a hotel then tried to blackmail her parents.

They threatened to kill the girl if her family did not pay the ransom.

According to a Metro UK, David Villegas Inclan was jailed for 160 years for the kidnapping which only came to an end when their demands were met.

His girlfriend Anabel Moreno Moreno was jailed for 100 years for the act in the town of San Miguel Enyege, in the municipality of Ixtlahuaca in Mexico.

They grabbed the girl, who is not being identified, outside a hotel on October 30 last year, bundled her into a car and drove to the town of Zapata, close to Mexico City, where they kept her prisoner.

After making contact with her parents, they demanded a ransom of an unspecified amount which the parents paid. The girl was later released and reunited with her family who contacted police.

The authorities launched an investigation and eventually arrested Inclan and Moreno.

Inclan was given a longer sentence because he was found guilty of having kidnapped another person in the municipality of Ixtlahuaca at a previous date.

The couple will also have to pay a fine of £1,142 in damages.