Couple Who Met At Shiloh Share Cute Pre-Wedding Photos

A short story shared by the husband-to-be. "IkeDobby2017: A journey of 4years no be beans!
It all started at Shiloh 2013 when I met this confused girl looking for where to charge her phone and I offered to help jump a window so she can charge, little did I know she will be my wife!After that charging incident we ended up staying in the same area for camping then came the security personal asking everybody to leave that area wen we refused they decided to throw our bags out, this girl was very furious and angry at the security personal everybody begged and asked her to stop but she didn't until I spoke to her she just calm down like Ice water and started crying right there and there I knew I have met my better half. Finally God gave me my wife in Shiloh. Wedding Date - 11/11/2017."
Congrats! More photos below...