Faces of couple charged for exposing neighbour’s N*dity after husband r*ped her

A mane, Obinna Arthur and his wife, Chinyere who reportedly r*ped, recorded and posted a video of their neighbour’s wife online has been ordered to be tried for conspiracy and r*pe in Lagos.

This was the outcome of the advice by the state Directorate of Public Prosecution, DPP, who has now taken over the matter for prosecution.

In a letter dated 3 November, to the Deputy Commissioner of Police at SCIID Panti, Yaba, signed by the Assistant Director of DPP, Mr. M.T. Adeoye, the directorate confirmed this.

The advice stated that going by the facts available in the duplicate case file, that it was obvious there were sufficient facts to establish prima facie case of s*xual assault and sending of obscene pictures on social media by the suspects.

The case file revealed that Obinna called the lady's husband, one Kenneth Nwakaji to come collect his N1.2m share of the profit they made on a business transaction they had together. But Kenneth was unable to go and had to send his wife who was the victim to go to the hotel and collect the money on his behalf.

When the wife went to the hotel in Egbeda area of Lagos, Obinna offered her a bottle of Guinness malt drink which she drank and immediately became unconscious. It was scooped that Obinna removed all her clothes in the hotel room and s*xually assaulted her.

He recorded the video of the whole assault on his phone as a bargaining power to her husband to forget his own share of the profit.

When the victim – a mother of three kids regained her consciousness, she discovered that she was totally Unclad and was then shown the video of the assault.

She could not raise alarm because she was scared of losing her marriage.

However, on 27 March, 2017, she discovered that her n*de pics had gone viral in the neighbourhood and it was traced to Obinna’s wife, Chinyere.

Chinyere and her husband had since remained in prison as their relations refused to bail them.