Girlfriend Stands Up In Church, Claims She's Still Dating Man Getting Married

According to trending report, a bride who was about to get married to her groom, left the church sad and in tears after her husband (ex)-girlfriend stood up right inside the church, and claimed that she’s still very much in a relationship with the husband.

The ex-girlfriend openly declared that they are still dating...

The Malawian bride just broke down. The source wrote, 
“Another wedding canceled yesterday after the guys ex-stood up in church and said the guy was still her boyfriend. Meanwhile the bride?? 
"The Bride Burst Into Tears Crying After Her Husbands Ex-Girlfriend Disrupted Their Wedding Forcing The Pastor To Cancel It After He Asked If There Was Anyone Present That Had Any Reason Why The Couple Should Not Been Joined Together He Or She Should Speak Now Or Forever Remain Silent... 
And The Ex Girlfriend From Nowhere Stood And Revealed That The Groom Is Still Her Boyfriend And That They Just Had S*x Some Days Back."