How this boy has been living on the streets of Calabar after his father's wife labelled him a witch

As shared by Monchery Ana...
"He left his father’s house and have been on street for 5(five) good years. Courtesy of his Father’s wife known as stepmother," Monchery said.

Currently he’s 13years of age and have been roaming the streets of Calabar.The so call step mum went to a prayer house and came back home labeling the small boy a witch and making sure his father join her too. He was pushed out, since then he has been a street boy.

Women, ladies, girls stay away from Prayer houses oooo, they’re there to destroy your home and get you confused. I wept when I saw this [boy] and he wept while telling me his story.

Let’s protect our children.
Let stop taking them to prayers houses.
Let’s be careful the kind of friends we keep around our children because some are dangerous.

Hope for the street kids make me to know that, ‘The best way to find yourself, is to loose yourself in the service of others’. Thank you father for a well spent day,” she wrote.